Halloween Spider Cupcakes

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Step by step tutorial on how to make these fab spider cupcakes, perfect for a Halloween party!
Presented in our Halloween packaging that can be purchased in our shop.

Embellishments are also available!

These cupcakes are created by the wonderful and talented Victorious Cupcakes.

Spider Cupcake Tutorial Framed

Step one:
Bake some basic vanilla cupcakes and allow to cool before filling the middle with jam (see step eleven).

Spider Cupcakes Tutorial 2

Step two:
Soften some modeling paste, kneading the paste with your fingers. 

Spider Cupcakes Tutorial 3

Step three:
Dip a cocktail stick into food colouring and apply to the paste, kneading to mix thoroughly.

Spider Cupcakes Tutorial 4

Step four:
Using a rolling pin, flatten out the fondant and then cut out some circles and place to one side to set.

Spider Cupcakes Tutorial 4

Step five:
Spread some food colouring on to a kitchen towel using a pallet knife.

Spider Cupcakes Tutorial 6

Step six:
Take your desired stamp and press into the colouring, making sure the stamp is completely covered with the black paste.

Spider Cupcakes Tutorial 7

Step seven:
Place the stamp in the centre of the fondant circle and gently press, making sure you use even pressure.

Spider Cupcakes Tutorial 8

Step eight:
Remove the stamp to see the image.

Spider Cupcakes Tutorial 9

Step nine:
Mix some royal icing powder and water in a bowl and place to one side.

Spider Cupcakes Tutorial 11

Step ten:
Pipe a single line of royal icing above the spider.

Spider Cupcakes Tutorial 12

Step eleven:
Cut a hole in the centre of the cupcakes and fill with jam.

Spider Cupcakes Tutorial 13

Step twelve:
Make some basic buttercream and fill a piping bag.

Spider Cupcakes Tutorial 14

Step thirteen:
Create a swirl using an open star nozzle.

Spider Cupcakes Tutorial 15

Step fourteen:
Place the decorated circle on top of the cup cake.

Spider Cupcakes Final 1

Step fifteen:
Finish off the presentation by packaging the Halloween cupcakes in our printed spider cupcake boxes.

Spider Cupcakes Final 3


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